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Playing Time
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Subject: Playing Time
Posted by: Joseph Weiss of
Off and on we hear issues concerning playing time. Each sport has a set minimum playing for each player that the Coaches try and conform to. Sometimes this has not occurred and we are sorry for that. We are putting some corrections into our operations to correct for this.

One correction is we are going to be very careful about over-registering for a team. Our Commissioners have been instructed to make sure you know when a registration is in a wait-listed situation. In a wait-listed situation we will still accept your registration but it is CONTINGENT on us getting either an additional Coach, Practice Time or even a Practice Facility. The Commissioner will make sure you are kept informed of progress with eventual timely resolution, whether positive or negative.

The other correction is on game time management. Head Coaches are being instructed by their Commissioners to make sure someone on the sideline, other than the Head Coach usually, maintains awareness of players playing time so that all get their required time. As you would expect this only works if we do not over register, for in that case the Coach is put at a distinct disadvantage, which is unfair to him or her. We welcome your help in this regard recognizing all adults who sit with the players during a game must have completed a County background check.

We believe these corrections will facilitate a better experience for all but we welcome your feedback and thoughts on this issue.  
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